About Us

Ink Puddles is a small, casual, and indie graphic design studio, located in the Pacific Northwest. Our main focus is to create websites that stand out, yet are professional and compliment your products.

Designing is our passion! We can design anything you need, from girly and feminine, to cute and whimsical, and trendy and edgy. And, YES, even masculine, although we have found that our clients aren’t typically looking for masculine! :o )

We are here to brand your business! Creating a memorable brand for yourself is vital to your success. For this reason, we not only design your custom logo, we offer other printables to match your website, from custom business cards to woven clothing labels.

Are you an Eco-friendly business? We’ve got you covered! We can design your products for the best ecologically friendly printers, who use only soy inks and recycled paper!

Most of all, we are fun and love what we do! We are super easy to work with and want your business to soar as much as you do. Once an Ink Puddles client, always a client and, more importantly, a FRIEND! You aren’t in this alone…we are with you every step of the way and are EXCITED to be a part of your journey!